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Our Fleet Console software enables you to keep tabs on your robotic mowers in a single view. You can send commands to your fleet, as well as analyze their performance, health, care and charging. Test it yourself how Robin can power your business.
Eco Lawn Care - Mowbot


Better For Your Lawn


Healthier, More Resilient Lawns

Using less fertilizer and irrigation than traditional lawn care services.

Mowbot’s full-service lawn care uses new technology to meet your lawn’s needs, developing healthier, hardier grass for your family to enjoy. Robotic mowers produce more resilient lawns that require less fertilizer and irrigation, allowing you to stress less and enjoy more.

Continuous Cut

Robotic mowers cut continuously and in different directions, preventing your grass from going into shock, which could leave your lawn prone to invasion by weeds and less able to cope with drought and other environmental factors.


The tiny grass clippings that are left behind are full of nitrogen and provide much-needed nutrients for your lawn.

Thicker, Greener Appearance

Robotic mowers only cut off a fraction of an inch at a time, leaving the small clippings on your lawn.

When grass is allowed to grow too tall, there is also a good chance that you’ll end up scalping the lawn, cutting off more than one-third of the height of grass which is very stressful and damaging to your lawn.  

According to John Rogers III, PhD, Professor of turfgrass management at Michigan State University, the more often you mow – and the less grass you remove with each mowing – the thicker and healthier your lawn will be.  Frequent mowing is the single biggest reason why golf courses and professional baseball diamonds tend to look lusher than yards.

Razor-Sharp Blades

Mowbot uses razor-sharp blades, which is also better for your lawn.

Dull mower blades rip your grass blades apart rather than making a clean cut, which can make grass more susceptible to drought and disease and can even make the grass appear white.

No Cross-Contamination

Traditional commercial lawn care companies use the same lawnmower on every lawn they mow. If your neighbor’s yard has contaminants like weeds, parvovirus, and other bacteria dangerous to your family or pets, their mowers may bring these contaminants into your yard.

Mowbot is a revolutionary company, using robotic mowers that live and work on your lawn only. No more cross-contamination, ever.

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