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Our Fleet Console software enables you to keep tabs on your robotic mowers in a single view. You can send commands to your fleet, as well as analyze their performance, health, care and charging. Test it yourself how Robin can power your business.
Eco Lawn Care - Mowbot


Better For The Environment


Less Emissions

U.S. lawn care equipment represents a shocking 5% of air pollution, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Traditional lawn care equipment runs on fossil fuels, releasing toxic emissions that are harmful to you, your family and your lawn. Mowbot’s battery-powered equipment and electric car are used to service your lawn. The robots deployed by Mowbot are state-of-the-art; using advanced sensor and self-charging technology, never requiring even a drop of gasoline.

Less Energy Consumption

100% Battery Powered.

Mowbot’s mission is to provide first-class lawn maintenance in an environmentally-friendly way. Mowers, equipment, and vehicles are battery-powered using less energy than the equipment of traditional lawn care companies.

Less Noise

So quiet you'll forget it's even mowing!

By utilizing battery-powered equipment, Mowbot creates less noise pollution than traditional lawn care companies. No more loud humming, buzzing, droning. Enjoy the quiet of Mowbot.

Less Irrigation Requirements

Mowbot creates a healthier, more resilient grass that requires less irrigation to thrive and survive even during the high heat of summer.

Less Fertilizer

By leaving the tiny clippings, your lawn will be provided with the nutrients needed to create a healthier, thicker lawn that requires less fertilizer.

Reduced Groundwater Contamination

Gardeners spill more than 17 million gallons of fuel every year - more than Exxon Valdez (EPA).

Fossil fuels are a dangerous pollutant to the environment, especially when mishandled. Gardeners and traditional lawn care companies spill more than 17 million gallons of fuel per year, according to the EPA. This is more than the oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez. Mowbot’s environmentally-friendly approach allows us to do our part in protecting the environment by reducing groundwater contamination.

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