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Posted by mowbot team on Oct 5, 2018 14:57:15 PM

You have a busy life and your home and garden maintenance can easily eat away at your free time, especially if you want to have a manicured lawn and garden. So why not take a few minutes to think about some practical ways you can streamline the amount of time and money that you spend making your outdoor landscapes look amazing? Here a few easy and cost-effective tips to simplify outdoor chores that we think will make you feel even better about the home you’ve already worked so hard to maintain.


Mowing the lawn consumes a great deal of time and energy, both in terms of physical exertion and the fuel you use to power your equipment. So you may want to think about expanding the landscaping throughout your property to enhance the aesthetics while also cutting down on the Expand Your Landscapingrequired time and cost of maintaining your lawn. Introducing additional mulched areas with a variety of beautiful shrubs, flowers and other decorative touches can really make your home stand out. And, the best part is that every square foot of grass you don’t have to water translates into more money in your pocket and reduced waste of precious fresh water resources!

Putting plants close together and covering the area with a thick coat of mulch will reduce the number of weeds that need to be dealt with, and it will put additional time and money back into your life. We recommend consulting with a local nursery expert who can give you information about the best native plants for your area, which will grow easier and require less water and maintenance than non-native species of plants. You can also shrink the size of your lawn and the amount of yardwork by installing a paver patio, rock garden or pond to enhance the time you spend outdoors with friends and family. This will add to the value of your home for the long run but, more importantly, to the quality of life that you enjoy while you’re living in it during the here and now!


When you use your time, fuel and money to buy fresh produce at your local grocery store, you’re still wasting resources even if you’re buying organic food. The truth is that the most organic foods you can eat are the ones you grow in your own yard! Of course, you’ll want to test your soil first to make sure there aren’t lead issues or other concerns with growing food in your area. But once you choose to garden at home, you’ll also be shrinking the amount of lawn that needs to be mowed, as discussed above. And, you’ll also probably experience a great sense of pride and joy at being able to eat something that you planted, cultivated and harvested with your own hands! Studies have shown that gardening can actually make you feel better, physically and emotionally. So put your own “certified organic” stamp of approval on the produce that’s on your plate – and smile because while you’re at it, you’ll be helping your wallet, the environment and your family’s health and wellness.


Upgrade To The Right Tools

Many times, investing in a better piece of equipment will save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run. For example, you can upgrade to a more environmentally friendly battery-operated weed eater and blower for the same cost or even less than their conventional gas-operated equivalents. In addition to avoiding the inconvenience of dragging a cord around the yard, or having to mix oil and gas to a certain ratio, you’ll be helping the environment by saving energy resources. Sure, it’s fun to pull the cord and rev the engine of a gas-hogging trimmer or blower, but these noisy machines are notorious for contributing to air pollution. Maybe it’s also time for an upgrade to that old mower that you’ve had for years – sure, it’s trusty and you’ve grown to love it, but today’s models are far more efficient and require less maintenance than their predecessors, including the increasingly powerful battery-operated models that will save you the trouble of buying and storing gas and oil, plus the pain of winterizing every fall. Even your older hand tools can add a significant amount of time and energy that you spend in caring for your lawn and garden: for a relatively small expense, you can upgrade to new, more ergonomic and more durable tools at your local lawn and garden supply store. If you’re going to be outdoors maintaining your landscape – and no matter what, you’ll always have to spend at least some time outside – why not make it as enjoyable as possible by having the tools that are the easiest and most environmentally-friendly to use?

There you have it: solutions for simplified outdoor maintenance. Now make a plan and get started making your home look even better!


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