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Reduce Environmental Impact Today by Investing in a Robotic Mower

Posted by Mowbot Team on Aug 9, 2019 08:48:24 AM

Autonomous lawn mowers have major advantages over their gas-powered neighbors, including size, operating costs, and environmental impacts. When looking for a new lawn mower, they make an excellent alternative to the traditional gas-powered mower.

Firstly, these mowers are tiny compared to riding and push mowers which make them easier to store in garages and sheds which leaves plenty of room for other tools, bicycles, or cars, and it may seem obvious, but these mowers do not need an operator, making it easier for people with health concerns to maintain their lawns. It is possible to program the robot to run every few days or even every day which allows for very fine grass clippings. These clippings are so small that they cannot be seen on the lawn and will decompose and gently fertilize the lawn. This is an environmental advantage as these lawns do not require any extra fertilization to grow green and lush.

This environmentally friendly lawn care relies on electricity rather than gas and thus has no environmental emissions when running and no gasoline or oil smell. With this type of mower, there is no need to store extra gasoline in garages or shed which can be a safety risk.

Despite all the benefits, there is one significant disadvantage, price tag. These mowers can cost between $500 and $5,000. A commercial lawn care company can alleviate this initial investment and still provide all the advantages. Additionally, a commercial lawn care company would manage the set-up, including the initial setting of any guide wires which can be the most difficult aspect of an autonomous mower.

Own a robotic mower or use one through a lawn care company, either way, these mowers will decrease workloads, deceases negative emissions, and decrease unpleasant noises and smells. Residential and commercial lawns care can be natural and environmentally friendly with a robotic mower.

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