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Tips On Spring Lawn Care | Mowbot

Posted by mowbot team on Mar 7, 2018 15:02:56 PM

Let’s face it; everyone loves having a beautiful lawn. Whether your goal is curbside appeal or an outdoor oasis for your family, if you take care of your lawn, it will take care of you. Tips on spring lawn care revolve around waking your yard up from its winter hibernation and improve its health. By following a few simple tips on spring lawn care, you can ensure a happy, healthy, and green yard to enjoy throughout the seasons.


Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.32.17 PMThe first tips on spring lawn care are designed to make sure your lawn is healthy before you start working on it. Taking the wrong step at the wrong time can damage your newly-awakened lawn.

  • Test your soil pH level – Maintaining your soil pH level is essential to achieve the grass growth you’re looking for. Most grass types require a soil pH level between five and seven. You can find soil pH tests at most hardware and lawn stores. If your pH level is too high, add sulfate with a broadcast spreader. If your level is too low, spread lime. Take care not to under or over treat. Once treated, adequately water the lawn and retest the pH level in 30 days.
  • Dethatch the yard with a rake – Thatch is a byproduct of any dead or dying grass you have in your lawn. While it has some benefits, less than ½ an inch of thatch is good for your lawn, anything more than that can suffocate the healthy grass. Use a rake to clean up thatch in early spring. Dethatching can be rough on your yard but performing the process at the beginning of the growth period gives your grass enough time to heal.


Once your lawn is in a healthy state, work on the grass to improve its health and appearance further. We all want a beautiful, lush, green lawn, so tips on spring lawn care are essential.

  • Aerating – Compacted spots on the lawn keep the grass from thriving and are combatted with aeration. Aerating your lawn loosens the soil, allowing water and nutrients better purchase in the soil, and gives roots more room to grow. Aerate during high-growth periods. There are several ways you can aerate. For a small yard, you can use aeration shoes or manual push aerators. For large lawns, you can rent a gas-powered aerator.
  • Weeding – While weeding can seem like the most important part of lawn care, if you’re over-zealous you can do more harm than good. Overdoing it with chemicals stresses the plant roots, which puts your lawn at risk during the high-heat of summer.
  • Dips and bare spots – If you find small dips or bare spots in your yard, don’t stress too much. Soak the areas with water, rake out the dead grass and level the spot with sand and soil. Finish by reseeding with your grass variety and water regularly.


It goes without saying that having the perfect lawn means mowing regularly, but chances are you’re mowing wrong. Less is more with mowing, and while you may want to go deep with the cut, cutting only the top third of the blade will give you the healthiest lawn. Too broad of a cut Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.32.31 PMwill stress out the grass and can cause browning. Additionally, you should mow the grass in varied directions. A uni-directional or diagonal direction looks fancy, but changing your path every time you mow, gives you a uniform cut, encourages upright growth and reduces your risk of soil compaction.

If you’re looking to destress yourself as well as your lawn, try using a robotic mower. Mowbot is a full-service lawn care company that uses robotic mowers that live quietly on your lawn. The robot mows continuously, in different directions and removes the perfect length of each grass blade in every pass. Mowbot is the perfect solution to your lawn care needs.

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