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Mowbot Inc. Announces Venture Investment by Husqvarna Group

Posted by mowbot team on Jun 5, 2019 10:38:24 AM

Press Release

Durham, NC, June 5, 2019

Today, Mowbot Inc. announced a venture investment by Husqvarna Group of Stockholm, Sweden to support the robotic lawn care franchise in expanding its national network and continue its rapid acceleration of franchise sales.

Mowbot was created with one mission in mind: disrupt the lawn care industry, which hasn’t seen any significant changes in decades.  The increased focus on climate change and objections against noise pollution create the perfect breeding ground for a new and innovative lawn care concept like Mowbot.  By using Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mowers, Mowbot is also able to avoid the main issue traditional lawn care companies are struggling with these days: shortage of labor. 

Since its start in 2017, Mowbot has exclusively used Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mowers and battery-powered hand-held equipment. Mowbot Headquarters as well as its franchisees have been working closely with Husqvarna.  Mowbot franchisees are trained by Husqvarna product experts and have access to Husqvarna’s tech support.  This investment takes the partnership to the next level as the two companies strive to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar lawn care industry through a nationwide network of franchisees using Husqvarna’s robotics and battery-powered equipment.

“Husqvarna Group is the world leader in outdoor robotics and created the robotic lawn market two decades ago. We are proud to work together to scale our businesses in the US”, said Tony Hopp, CEO of Mowbot. “We will use the investment to expand our national network, and continue the acceleration of franchise sales”.

The US lawn care industry is significantly different from Europe and Husqvarna has been evaluating different channels to penetrate the US market with its robotic lawn mowers. “Mowbot compliments Husqvarna’s existing sales and distribution channels in the US by increasing our coverage and helping to bring the best possible automation and lawn care to our customers through the delivery and installation of our robotics”, said Alex de Courcy, Husqvarna VP North America Dealer and Distributor.

Consumers are becoming more aware of climate issues and want to contribute to a better environment for generations to come, making this a great time to push for environmentally responsible lawn care.  Mowbot’s tag line tells it all “Clean. Green. Quiet.”, no more emissions from mowers, no more fuel spills, and no more noisy crews with gas-powered equipment.  Currently lawn care equipment accounts for 5% of US air pollution.


About Mowbot

Mowbot is headquartered in Durham, NC and was founded in 2017 by a proven team with experience building a vast network of home service franchises as well as building businesses around new and innovative technologies. The team has a unique background combining deep technical platform understanding with franchise operations. Mowbot comes to market with a proven franchisee support infrastructure and a business concept that is dedicated to providing robotic lawncare for residential and commercial customers in the most responsible and efficient manner.


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