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How it Works


Robotic Mower Service in the Raleigh area

Mowbot uses robots to maintain residential and commercial lawns in the Raleigh area. Our robotic mowing service reduces your carbon footprint with minimum effort. Contact us to learn about our environmentally friendly service.

Getting Started With Mowbot

Taking your first steps with Mowbot of Raleigh is easy. Sign up for an estimate, and then one of our professionals will visit your property for a consultation. We will install guide wires and a charging station for your new robot and confirm that everything functions as it should before leaving. Peace of mind awaits.


Continuous Mowing With Mowbot

Our robots utilize specialized GPS technology (paired with boundary and guide wires) to mow continuously in a random pattern. Your grass will maintain that freshly cut look because our robots constantly cut the tip of the grass.

Our Robot Mower Services

Here at Mowbot of Raleigh, we pride ourselves on being able to help anyone. We offer the following options:

  • Install Only: A professional installation, along with optional maintenance and service plans, means you have less to worry about.
  • Full Mowing: Only want your lawn mowed? We provide a mow-only service.

Contact Mowbot of Raleigh today at (919) 827-1555 to utilize our robotic mowing service in the Raleigh area today.

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