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Our Fleet Console software enables you to keep tabs on your robotic mowers in a single view. You can send commands to your fleet, as well as analyze their performance, health, care and charging. Test it yourself how Robin can power your business.

What We Offer

Interested in being a partner? Here’s what we offer manufacturers:


Increased Sales

Our partnership allows you to introduce your products to an increasing number of lawn and landscape companies.


Lower Customer Acquistion Costs

Thanks to our participation in Shark Tank and ongoing involvement in industry workshops and panels, we’re able to attract a large number of landscaping customers—reducing your acquisition costs.


Lower Transaction Costs

Our subscribers purchase product in large quantities—increasing units per transaction and streamlining logistics.


Access to Early Adopters

Powered by Robin™ subscribers are more open-minded and willing to try new products and give you feedback.


Complimentary Products

We’ll continue to update our patented Robin Autodoor and Wire Breakfinder to support your needs—by increasing the number of properties addressable by your products and lowering their maintenance costs to match your competitors.


Conversion Expertise

Through collaboration, we can turn your existing stand-alone products into managed, professional products that our platform supports—helping you expand to new markets with very little effort.

What We Need

Here’s what we need from manufacturers:


API Documentation (loT-enabled products)

We’ll develop a software adaptor that integrates your API into the Powered by Robin™ platform.


HW Interface Documentation (Non-loT products)

We’ll provide a HW module customized for your products that you can install at the factory to make them available on the Powered by Robin™ platform.


Product Specs

With this information, we can configure the Powered by Robin™ platform to:
• Offer your product as a solution in our Surveyor module
• Provide financial forecasting for our subscribers in our Fleet Data module
• Trigger maintenance notifications in our Fleet Console module


National Distribution

Our subscribers consist of many national landscaping companies—including some with a presence in all 50 states and 13 Canadian territories.


Drop Ship

Executing installations in a timely manner is critical to our subscribers. Which means you’ll be expected to deliver large quantities directly to our customer locations in the US and Canada.


Evaluation Units (Mature products)

In order to fully stand behind your products, we’ll need to evaluate their performance before we can offer them on the Powered by Robin™ platform.


Errata and FAQs (Alpha/Beta products)

Our early adopter subscribers need a full understanding of benefits and limitations when they select your alpha and beta products.


Product Roadmap

Powered by Robin™ subscribers expect long-term support, as well as a path to increasing performance for all manufacturing partners offered on the platform.

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