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Mowbot/Robin Autopilot partners with URSrobot – NEXMOW

Posted by Olivia on Jun 30, 2022 14:44:36 PM

URSrobot partner with Robin Autopilot to Offer NEXMOW, a Solution for Wire-Free Robotic Lawnmowers in the US

McKINNEY, Texas, March 28th, 2022 – Mowbot/Robin Autopilot, a leader in robotic mowing technology and robots-as-a-service (RaaS), is partnering with URSrobot, a leading service robot development company, to provide new robotic lawnmowing solutions to landscaping professionals throughout the United States. Mowbot/Robin Autopilot will be the exclusive US Solutions Distributor of the NEXMOW wire-free robotic lawnmower developed by URSrobot.

NEXMOW offers landscapers a new energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, timesaving, labor-saving, and cost-effective solution for lawn maintenance. NEXMOW features a six-hour run-time battery that is field replaceable, enabling day and night mowing. Its wire-free, virtual boundary lines allow for unlimited work zones so multiple robots can work in fleets to mow large terrain in half the time. Its premium mapping technology precisely defines the most efficient route and mows it reliably, allowing landscapers to “drop, map, mow and go” so they can spend less time mowing and more time on other things, such as growing their business.

The new partnership expands Mowbot/Robin Autopilot’s multi-manufacturer platform, which includes RaaS hardware and software, proprietary products such as robotic doors, and total-solution financing, marketing, training and other support so that landscape service providers have everything they need to run an effective RaaS business. Both URSrobot and Mowbot/Robin Autopilot share a solutions-based approach dedicated to serving people’s needs through disruptive technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mowbot/Robin Autopilot as our solutions distributor,” said Stephen Chen, Chief Executive Officer of URSrobot. “We believe the workflow management, service and support Mowbot/Robin Autopilot provides, combined with our NEXMOW wire-free robotic lawnmower, will accelerate the adoption of robotic mowing solutions by landscaping professionals.”

“We have seen an increase in demand from our clients for a ‘drop, map and mow’ robotic solution,” said Wayne Kreifels, Vice President of Mowbot/Robin Autopilot. “We are very excited about our partnership with URSrobot to provide NEXMOW as a new solution that many of our clients have been waiting for.”

About Mowbot/Robin Autopilot

Mowbot/Robin Autopilot’s mission is to make lawn care eco-friendly and reliable while improving the health and appearance of commercial and consumer lawns using the power of autonomous lawnmowers. Through a subscription-based platform, member companies receive everything they need to run a robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business, including proprietary products (software, operating manual, robotic door for homes with fences, and more), as well as non-proprietary products (marketing program, training and support, and financing for robots and doors).

About NEXMOW/URSrobot

URSrobot is a creative company concentrating on the development of service robots. Its team is passionate about creating a world living with “smart” gadgets and providing impressive experiences in using service robots, with a total-solution approach combining products and services. NEXMOW is a team of builders, thinkers and tinkerers who love robots that make life easier. Its leadership team has decades of experience in both commercial landscaping and autonomous robotics, and is united with a simple goal: to make lawn maintenance smarter.


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Mowbot/Robin Autopilot partners with URSrobot – NEXMOW

URSrobot partner with Robin Autopilot to Offer NEXMOW, a Solution for Wire-Free Robotic Lawnmowers in the US McKINNEY, Texas, March…

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